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Third Grade 2010-2011

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For our final project we learned about mosaic tiles, and created mosaic flowers patterned after famous prints by artists such as Georgia O'Keeffe, Andy Warhol, Vincent Van Gogh and Pablo Picasso.  Because this was at the end of the year many students did not complete their work.  I encourage all artists to continue at home, as they now have the knowledge and know how to finish their projects on their own!!





For early finishers I allowed them to create paper puppets that I learned while subbing for another teacher this year.  The kids took the basic form and came up with wonderful creations! 



One of our final projects was to reinforce the concepts of fractions recently learned in the classroom.  Mrs. Brown has a wonderful lesson on fraction fish that I taught to my students.  It was wonderful!!  One of the classroom teachers came in and saw the work and said "Wow.  Wow!!  That is fantastic."  :)





We are now playing in the mud to create Taco Fish out of clay.  Here is a picture of our work yesterday!






After so many weeks of hard labor the third grade mask project is complete!!  The students had so many steps to follow in this colorful project that it took us quite a while to finish.  They learned about the different ways masks are used in cultures all over the world from Egypt to Nairobi, Indonesia, Columbia, Korea and way down in New Orleans.   Next they drew 1/2 of an extremely large mask.  They had to add shapes and designs to fill in the large spaces.  Then they traced the design onto the opposite side of the paper.  Voila!  A symmetrical design.  Next they colored in all of the small shapes using crayons, and painted over the entire surface using watercolor.  Finally they cut out their mask and glued it onto a piece of construction paper that was complimentary to the overall color of their masks.  So much learning in this lesson!!  Big beautiful results.







The Art By Me! theme for third grade was birds.  We looked at photographs of birds and discussed the variety in size, shape and colors.  Then students chose a bird, or birds, to draw.  Using markers and colored pencils they created their own original artwork.








Third graders began their unit on weaving by creating both warm and cool colored paper, then weaving them together.  Wonderful results!  Next they kicked it up a huge notch and created beautiful cups by weaving fabric in and out of a sliced plastic cup.  Challenging project, but fabulous results!







Third Graders looked at the painting Park near Lucerne , by artist Paul Klee. They then created figures using  pipe cleaners, manipulated them in many poses, sitting, jogging, meditating, hopping, etc... and drew each pose.  Next they used oil pastels to create shapes in a variety of colors around but not touching the figures.  The results are beautiful! 







Students recently completed a unit on outer space.  What a cool and fun topic to explore in the art room!!  We reviewed the terms learned in the classroom, and then added the fun stuff, aliens, UFO's, Avatar, Star Wars, etc...Then the students drew their own outer space scene using pencils, then colored with pastels, and finally covered the entire page with black watercolor, once again seeing the magic of resist! 







  Color Wheels.  Students are learning that the color wheel has an order and that no matter what position the wheel is turned the colors are always aligned in that order.  They will use the same media as the second graders to create a color wheel behind their names written in big bubble letters.  *I sent these home and did not photograph.


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