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Second Grade 2010-2011

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Second graders have a research report on an assigned insect.  In my class we create giant insects which are labeled with the major parts of the insects. 



Sticking with the Monet garden and pond theme we created frogs on a lily pad out of clay and painted them with cake tempera paints. 






Second graders learned about the artist Claude Monet.  They saw paintings he created from different vantage points in his amazing garden.  They then created their own garden scenes based on the pictures and paintings of Claude Monet's home in Giverny, France.  They used watercolor markers to apply color in the pointillism technique, then added small amounts of water to spread the color around.   



**The pictures above are entered in the Kaleidoscope Show at the Cary Town Center April 15- 30th.  Come see these wonderful pictures along with so many more fabulous artworks from students throughout our area!!





Big City Scenes!!  We looked at pictures of both New York City and San Francisco, noting the similarities and differences.  Then we created our own big cities, some real, some imagined. 







Second grade theme for Art By Me! was a flower garden.  We discussed what might be found in a flower garden, and using markers and colored pencils drew our pictures from a bunny's point of view! 







Second graders have been studying nocturnal animals.  We made owls using felt and sequins and placed it in a night scene that we painted using markers and watercolors.











Stitching:  The second graders did a fantastic job of creating simple animals using a running stitch.  This was not easy for all of the students, but they hung in there and I am proud of them!







Positive and Negative:  This cutting and pasting project was a test in spacial relations for many! 

 Space and shape, two of the elements of design, work together to form a finished work of art. There are two kinds of space: positive and negative. Positive spaces are those occupied by the main subjects of the work. The Negative spaces are the areas around and behind the positive spaces. Negative space can also be referred to as the background. 

I gave a demonstration on creating a design and let them use their imaginations to come up with their own designs.






  Root Vegetables.  Students are creating a picture that shows both above and under ground.  They will create a vegetable garden that has only root vegetables.  They are using many different types of media; pencil, sharpie, oil pastels and finally tempera paint.



Mackenzie's Root Veggies Painting has been entered in the NC State Fair




Student Gallery

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