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Getting to Know Mrs Meulink

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First I would like to say that I know my entire name is a mouthful, so I answer to both Mrs. Meulink and/or Mrs. M. 

 I am a married mother of two, a girl and boy, who both live in the western part of NC.

We share our lives with a cat, and 10 chickens who lay the most delicious eggs!! 

We live in Raleigh near the NC Art Museum.  (I know, how fortunate for us!!)


I earned my BFA at ECU in metal design and earned my teaching license from NCCU.   Prior to teaching I had been a goldsmith designing and creating jewelry.  

  I have always enjoyed creating art from many different media.  The hardest part of being an artist is deciding what media to chose to work in.  While at ECU I took many fabric design and weaving courses, as well as ceramics, drawing and painting.  I learned stone cutting and glass bead making at Penland school of crafts.  I am planning a wide variety of projects for our students which will utilize some of these fun activities and more. 

  I am also a huge fan of reuse/recycling.  I find that art can be made out of the most ordinary of household objects that usually end up in the trash or recycling bin.   Be on the lookout for notes home asking for such things as cardboard paper rolls, tissue boxes, buttons, vegetable netting, plastic containers, egg cartons and such.

   I look forward to meeting everyone and sharing our journey into the amazing world of art. 

Keep on the sunny side of life!

Anne Courie-Meulink

 “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” - Albert Einstein


Pendant I made of 18 and 22 Karat gold with Opal, Pink Sapphire Briolette and Green Diamonds


Jewelry Portfolio.ppt

This is a power point presentation that I made for career day in the spring of 2009.  All of the jewelry in this presentation is my work. 



This is the final project from a Computer Graphics course I took in 2008 at NCCU. 

In this final project I was to take a photo from the www that was of a gallery space. Then, removing the images from the walls I was to insert my artwork from this course. This was such a fun project, making my opening night at the gallery!

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